Stump Grinding Perth


Stump Grinding Perth

Lumberjacks are experts when it comes to grinding tree stumps from residential and commercial properties. No matter the size, our expert team can grind and remove all tree stumps with specialised and safe machinery. 

Tree stump removal, as well as tree stump grinding, are among the many professional tree services offered by Lumberjacks. Our qualified arborists have performed many jobs where narrow access stump grinding was performed. All Lumberjacks staff have gone through training and are capable of using a stump grinder.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of grinding down a tree stump to below ground level using a stump grinding machine. Doing this prevents the tree from growing back up as well as the unappealing visual element it causes.

Why Stump Grinding is Important?

Unless a full tree removal services has been provided to you, the stump will still be buried in and above the ground. If left untreated, it can sit there and rot which will then open the door on multiple issues for you. These issues include:

  • Attracting ants, termites and other pests.
  • Possible damage to landscaping.
  • Possible damage to brick paving.
  • Damage to underground amenities such as plumbing and power lines.
  • Trip and fall hazard for both adults and children.
  • The tree regrowing causing recurring issues.

The professional stump grinding services offered by Lumberjacks eliminates all these issues. Removing a tree stump allows you to:

  • Have a clean and tidy backyard.
  • Extend and maximise your backyard potential.
  • Allows you to do more landscaping, paving or tree work.
  • Ensures your backyard is all on ground level.

We can provide customers with full tree removal services or stump grinding and removal.  Stumps along with their roots will be removed to ensure that a new tree, plant or landscape can be planted in its spot. The team at Lumberjacks will work tirelessly to ensure you have a seamless and easy experience. All work performed by Lumberjacks across Perth, Western Australia is fully insured.


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Our professional services Include

Lumberjacks offer premium quality services for all your tree and plant based needs.

The team at Lumberjacks will provide you with an easy stump grinding service for your residential or commercial property. No matter the size, our team has the experience and machinery to grind the stump as well as remove it.

At Lumberjacks we offer various types of tree pruning services including formative, deadwood, selective, thinning, lifting and side pruning. Pruning by our professional arborist will lead to increased amount of produce and much more.

Palm tree removal as well as maintenance are tree work services offered by Lumberjacks. As highly exotic trees, it's essential that they're maintained properly and removed in a safe manner by our qualified professionals.

The team at Lumberjacks provide you with a professional, quality and hassle-free experience. All tree removal services are safely conducted by an experienced and highly qualified tree arborist.

Lumberjacks offer their customers FREE organic mulch up to a certain size. Mulch offers a lot of benefits to your soils such as retaining soil, preventing weeds and deterring pests. So take advantage of this offer today and get some mulch!

Tree lopping is the process of removing tree branches and stubs to help maintain and manage trees. The team at Lumberjacks will ensure that this process is done correctly so that there are no negative effects after the procedure.

Organise and stylise your backyard with a hedge from Lumberjacks today! Professional hedging maintenance is provided for a range of head types including Lilly Pilly, Buxus and Murraya.



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All work performed by Lumberjacks is fully insured.

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