When selecting your preferred treelopper, always be sure to do your research to make sure they are reputable company. The business needs to have both a high level of experience and insurance to carry out the works required. At Lumberjacks WA we are able to offer all of these things as well as customer testimonials to give the consumer confidence in our company! We really are a cut above the rest.

No Tree is safe, big or small! At Lumberjacks WA we pride ourselves on using the latest equipment available, to ensure we are able to remove large hazardous trees.

We use the most innovative and safest techniques. No job is to big or to complex for us. Be sure to check out some of our tree lopping pictures! We do all trees including gum trees, flame trees, cape lilacs pines and all natives!

Tree Pruning

Be sure to give Lumberjacks WA a call or book a quote online to find out what pruning technique is correct for you and your tree. We offer a large range of selective pruning services including crown thinning, raising and in certain cases topping. Tree Surgery helps to allow more sunlight into required areas e.g. solar panels aswell maintaining the trees structural integrity and making a safer environment for the trees surroundings. Tree surgery is an important factor to consider when considering the proximity of pwerlines service lines and other cables.

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been correctly taken down it is important to have the stump completely removed.

Poisoning a stump can contaminate the ground around it and pose a risk to other plants in your garden.

Leaving the stump can result in regrowth of another tree or if it in fact it has been killed and is no longer alive it will start to rot and attract unwanted guests like white ants termites and other pests.

Palm Cleaning and Removals

Let Lumberjacks WA be your first point of contact for all your palm pruning and removal needs. Not taking the necessary care of your palms can cause unwanted habitats being formed for rats and unwanted birds.
Leaving your palms unattended is a real eye sore and can cause a real mess too!! We both prune and remove all palms including cotton palms, cocos palms, date palms, traveller palms and more!! Contact us now for a free quote!


Feed the soil not the plant!!! The root system extracts its nutrients out of the soil that it's in. Feeding your soil with mulch that has been through our chippers, still containing all its nutrients in the bark, fruit and flowers is the best thing you can do for your garden.

While there is sometimes more aesthetically pleasing mulches available, like coloured mulch or pure wood chip. It lacks the macro and micro nutrients that is really needed for your garden for flourish.

Hedging & Shaping

Having your hedge properly maintained is key for both the health and longevity of your hedge. We do all types of hedges including lilly pilly hedges, fast growing box hedges and cedar!! Be sure to give us a call for any advice you may need.